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March 18, 2014
Pipe marking unit includes digital inclinometer gauge
Sumner Mfg. offers the Sumner Center Punch for measuring angles and marking pipe. It includes a digital inclinometer gauge which displays angles to the nearest hundredth. The gauge is set on an angled magnetic base, from which it can be removed,... Read more...


January 24, 2011
Kit comprises variety of pipe fitting tools
Sumner Mfg. offers the new Fit Kit 2- to 12-in. tool package, comprising a variety of pipe fitting tools. The kit contains four Fold-A-JacksĀ®; one 2- to 6-in. Ultra Clamp; one 2- to 6-in. Ultra Fit; one 5- to 12-in. Ultra Clamp; one 5- to... Read more...