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September 26, 2011
Scarf chopper cuts at line speed
The Sweed® scarf chopper model TS450 from Sweed Machinery chops fed tube scarf continuously into small cut lengths at line speed for as long as the line is running. The chopper has been updated with a more robust feedworks to allow for... Read more...


March 15, 2010
Load turner has small footprint, operates like rotating C-turner
Sweed Machinery Inc. offers a new bundle turner for repositioning of large stacks of metal plates and coils. The unit is compact, taking up less space than a standard C-turner, yet loads and unloads on the same side like a much larger rotating... Read more...


January 10, 2002
A Case For Scrap Chopping
Companies are beginning to realize the importance of practical recycling, efficient use of space, employee safety, and profit recovery. As a result, many companies today are compacting their stamping scrap by chopping it into small pieces. Scrap... Read more...