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May 29, 2012
Waterjet cutting system features small footprint
TECHNI Waterjet™ has introduced the new Intec-G2 Value series of small-footprint waterjet cutting systems. The system, which features a large monitor screen, is available with an optional remote control pendant. The Skip and Float™... Read more...


April 25, 2011
Dual-unit electric servo pump doubles output volume
TECHNI Waterjet ™ has released the QUANTUM ESP Electric Servo Pump™ dual unit for its QUANTUM ESP55 and ESP66 waterjet cutting systems. The dual unit doubles the output volume of the single models. It allows the waterjet to cut... Read more...


June 7, 2010
Five-axis cutting head introduced
TECHNI Waterjet ™ has released the PAC 60™ (Precision Angle Control) five-axis cutting head. The machine is capable of a true angle up to ± 60 degrees with continuous rotation. Read more...