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February 13, 2014
Solid-state HF welding machine offers induction or contact welding
Thermatool Corp. offers the 800-kW HAZControl™ Technology Dual solid-state HF welding machine. Its software offers a selection of HF weld power and frequency in ±1-kW and 1-kHz increments, allowing heat input control during welding.... Read more...


September 11, 2007
Console control displays welder's location in weld process
Thermatool Corp.'s HAZ Control Technology™ displays the combined effects of weld power, frequency, V length, impeder function, and wall thickness on the operator console. Designed to provide optimal HAZ, the control displays the welder's... Read more...


December 7, 2004
Die set features new crosscut blade design
Thermatool has introduced the Alpha TRC-3008 3-in. double-cut die set that features a patented geared crosscut motion with softer cam angles than previous versions, continuous internal lubrication of all critical die components, and a new... Read more...