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  • Stop setting manual stops. Stop measuring. Stop marking your material. TigerTurbo by TigerStop automatically positions your material for accurate cuts (+/- 0.004" repeatable accuracy), first time...every time. TigerTurbo can be used as an automatic stop or pusher. TigerTurbo is the perfect retrofit to your existing tool, including band saws, ironworkers, cold saws, metal shears, OBI presses, punch presses, drill presses, to name just a few. Download your parts lists from your computer or easily enter your length into TigerTurbo's easy-to-use controller and TigerTurbo does the rest. Now, every operator can be your best operator. Even new hires will get up to speed quickly and accurately. Find out why TigerTurbo is your complete lean solution in one easy retrofit.

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