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  • Trafimet SPA was established in 1974 in Vicenza, Italy where it remains today in its state of the art offices and manufacturing faci¬lities. Today, the Trafimet group has a network of six factories in three continents and over twenty partners worldwide. Flopower/Trafimet located in Hialeah Fl. is Trafimet’s North American partner. Trafimet’s manufacturing capabilities offer custom torch solutions that simply are not available anywhere else. We supply economically priced high performance proprietary plasma torches that will accommo¬date 95% of the market at a fraction of the OE cost. Our latest addition to our US offering includes direct plug industrial spool guns. The GPZ series spool guns utilize the most common consumables combined with a tough ergonomic design to deliver quality and value every time. So if your needs include high quality mig, tig or plasma torches and consumables please contact Trafimet USA your welding partner.

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