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November 5, 2013
Nanocomposite coating helps increase saw blade service life
Tru-Cut Saw has developed a new nanocomposite PVD coating that helps increase blade life in circular ferrous and nonferrous sawing applications. The ViTA-Nano coating is a proprietary combination of titanium, aluminum, aluminum-titanium, chrome,... Read more...


March 5, 2012
Dry-cut saw designed for cutting tubes, solids
Tru-Cut Saw has introduced a line of dry-cut metal saws. The model TC16DC is suitable for sample cutting, industrial applications, and fabrication shops. The machine features a two-speed, 3-HP motor; 45-degree left and right miter cutting;... Read more...


September 13, 2005
Saw blades designed for flying cutoff, recutting applications
Tru-Cut Saw Inc. offers its Aggressor line of thin-kerf, carbide-tipped saw blades for cutting tube, pipe, and solid ferrous materials in flying cutoff and recutting applications. Available with carbide and cermet inserts, the multilayered... Read more...