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  • India’s leading brand of welding equipment for tube and pipe manufacturing now available in America. Our Solid State Induction Welders are available from 60KW to 1200KW – state of the art proven technology - highly reliable and efficient –economically priced – short delivery times - easy maintenance and commissioning – extended warranty and spare parts support. Solid State Contact Welders available up to 400KW – highly energy efficient – most suitable for welding of Open Hollow Sections (HSS) – Dual Contact/Induction welders available for applications beyond 400KW. Conventional Vacuum Tube based welders also available in various sizes. Also available a wide range of other tube and pipe manufacturing equipment such as flying cut-offs, Accumulators, Shear & Welders and Tube Mills, Hydro Testers and End Facing Machines from our group company Rollform Equipment Pvt. Ltd. For more information call: Ash Agarwal >>612-237-1738 >>ash@byoke.com

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