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December 17, 2014
High-precision plasma system automates Chromalox’s cutting, beveling processes
At Chromalox, Pittsburgh, a global manufacturer and supplier of electric heat and control products, industrial heating applications run the gamut. Some are ordinary, such as heating a small ship cabin, and some are unusual, like heating saltwater... Read more...


May 5, 2014
Plasma cutting pipe in the water mist
Cutting-edge technology sometimes takes awhile to make its way into the niche areas of metal fabricating. But when it does, its impact is immediate, like anywhere else. Modern Piping Inc., a Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based mechanical contractor... Read more...


November 5, 2012
Watts Specialties names sales manager
Watts Specialties, Puyallup, Wash., has appointed David Carr to the position of sales manager. Based in Houston, he is responsible for strengthening the company's position in the pipe cutting machine industry. Carr has more than 27 years of... Read more...


April 11, 2006
Home-court advantage
Turquoise and tequila aren't the only things coming back from Mexico; some fabricating jobs are working their way back as well. While many companies are asking themselves how they can compete with companies in Mexico that have faster... Read more...


June 26, 2003
Making hands-free straight, saddle, and miter cuts
Since its inception in 1969, the company had used traditional, manual processes. Pipes were moved into and out of the work area by forklift, and pipe cutting was done with either a hand-powered mechanized torch or a hand-held torch. For... Read more...