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Orbital and mechanized welding systems for pipe, tube and tube sheet weld applications.

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December 10, 2015
Cladding system employs preheated filler wire, tandem electrodes
Polysoude offers the TIGer cladding system. It uses preheated filler wire and incorporates a system of two tungsten electrodes in tandem...
June 24, 2014
Variation of hot-wire GTAW combines two arcs into one
TIGer technology from Polysoude is a variant of hot-wire GTAW. The basic principle involves the juxtaposition of two GTAW arcs, organized and...
July 25, 2013
Welding technology juxtaposes two GTAW arcs
Polysoude offers TIGer technology, a variant of the hot-wire GTAW principle. The basic principle involves the juxtaposition of two GTAW arcs,...
February 12, 2008
Welding more with less
With the gap between new projects and available welders only expected to widen, welding companies have to make up the difference by utilizing machines that can compensate for the labor shortage and maximize the productivity of available welders. New developments in orbital welding technology are helping companies address these tasks. Today orbital welding equipment incorporates production monitoring and analysis capabilities and is designed to be simpler to use. In continuing to advance the technology, welding equipment suppliers probably will take more of an integrated approach, tackling projects using automation and machines that combine preparation and welding operations into a comprehensive tool.
October 10, 2006
French tube fabricator meets volume increase with orbital welding
CMI Enterprise is a 107-person fabricating shop located in the scenic region of Saint Sylvain D'Anjou, France, serving the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical industries. CMI began experiencing growing pains. For the process equipment and heat exchanger projects, CMI selected orbital welding equipment from Polysoude [U.S. division is Astro Arc Polysoude Inc.]. to increase productivity rates. A welder can make more welds per day because the weld presents a regular geometry without overlay, and requires no secondary operations, such as grinding or cleaning.
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