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PRESS BRAKE TOOLING AND ROLLA-V DIES. MAGNETIC SQUARING ARMS. PRECISION GROUND PUNCHES. PRECISION GROUND DIES. AMERICAN STYLE TOOLING. EUROPEAN STYLE TOOLING. CONVENTIONAL TOOLING. ROTATIONAL DIES. URETHANE DIE FILM. FAB Supply is an ISO 9001:2000 certified full-service provider of press brake tooling and accessories. We offer complete lines of precision ground European/Amada style and precision ground American style press brake tooling, as well as standard conventional and precision-planed tooling. Special configuration profiles are available in a variety of fitting styles and quality grades to suit virtually any forming need. FAB Supply is the exclusive importer and master distributor of the revolutionary Rolla-V lower dies. We also are an excellent source for light curtains, safety products, shear blades, urethane dies and accessories. Whether it is precision ground tooling, special configurations, conventional tools, or the revolutionary Rolla-V lower dies, FAB Supply can give you the competitive edge. With a tooling inventory of over $1.5 million and a dedicated commitment to on-time delivery of non-stock items, you can rely on FAB Supply to meet your company's needs.

1775A Cortland Court
Addison, IL 60101

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Sales Contact
John Wold - President

Recent Content on TheFabricator.com for Fab Supply Inc.

July 12, 2013
Special tooling makes short work of large-part production
Any fabricator that has had to wrestle with large panels or thick plate in a press brake has to wonder if something can be done to make the job easier. In many instances, specialized tooling can help.
December 20, 2012
Tools form parts with short, tapered flanges
FAB Supply Inc. has made design changes to its Rolla-V tooling line. The tools can be used to form a greater variety of material thicknesses, and...
September 13, 2011
La ciencia de doblar hoja perforada y placa diamantada
Si alguna vez usted ha tenido que doblar hoja perforada o placa diamantada, sabe que puede ser una verdadera lucha. El material no se quedará quieto a menos que esté sujeto, y eso es sólo el principio. Este artículo da consejos sobre cómo trabajar con estos materiales difíciles de manejar.
April 1, 2011
The science of bending perforated sheet and tread plate
Tread plate and perforated sheet present significant bending challenges. To help matters, fabricators may need to look beyond typical air bending with a punch and V die. Though bending alternatives vary, they have one commonality: They clamp down to ensure the workpiece stays where it should.
August 17, 2009
Doblado de metal de alta resistencia a la tensión
Los requeriemientos de herramental, tonelaje de la prensa y dirección del grano son sólo tres de las variables que tienen que considerarse cuando se trabaja con acerco de alta resistencia. Los fabricantes necesitan tener en mente estas tres variables, pues los fabricantes de autos y otras compañías de las industria del trasporte les están pidiendo con más frecuencia que trabajen con este materiel.
May 28, 2009
Tooling up to bend hard
Different high-tensile-strength metals bend—and spring back—in starkly different ways, so developing a bending strategy takes some serious planning.
January 28, 2009
Adjustable V-die added to line of rotational lower dies
Fab Supply Inc., Addison, Ill., has added the adjustable RVP3 Rolla-V die to its patented line of rotational lower dies. The adjustable design of the...
February 12, 2008
Specials simplify the complex, speed productivity
Standardized press brake tooling, absolutely necessary for a lean organization, keeps a shop flexible, but at the same time, ignoring specials would be a big mistake. If their slightly longer setup times also lead to a drastic increase in throughput, special tools make good business sense.


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