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Lincoln Electric's commitment to providing the most innovative, cost-effective, quality welding and cutting solutions is one that has guided our company for more than 100 years. This, coupled with our technological leadership and worldwide manufacturing and distribution resources, enables us to provide competent and reliable solutions for each of our customers.

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May 12, 2015
Aluminum Workshop: What to know when changing shielding gas with pulsed GMAW
Q: Recently I bought a new high-end pulsing power supply, which has different modes for all of the common materials and wire diameters. I was getting...
April 23, 2015
Spiral pipe welding automation drives productivity
To meet demand from the petroleum industry, spiral pipe producers have turned to advanced automated systems to ramp up production
April 10, 2015
Una visión clara de la soldadura
Seleccionar un casco implica más que sólo agarrar uno de un estante, ponérselo y empezar a trabajar. Durante el proceso de selección entran en escena varias consideraciones—seguridad personal, comodidad de quien lo usa y claridad óptica. La última ha cambiado de algo difícil de determinar sin tener que adivinar, a algo que tiene indicadores reales cuantifi- cables.
March 17, 2015
AC/DC inverter-based GTAW power source introduced
Lincoln Electric has introduced the Aspect 375 GTAW power source for use in critical welding applications. The constant-current SMAW and GTAW...
March 16, 2015
Aluminum Workshop: Matching filler alloys with A356
Q: I need to do a lot of welding on A356 aluminum castings. Can you tell me which filler alloy I should use? A: Alloy 356 and its variants (A356,...
February 11, 2015
Welding machine delivers 520 amps with Tier 4 final engine
Lincoln Electric has introduced the Vantage® 520 SD engine-driven welding machine/generator, equipped with a Tier 4 final- (T4F-) compliant engine...
February 5, 2015
GMAW system made for piping applications
The Lincoln Electric Co. has introduced an orbital GMAW system suitable for industries such as pipeline, construction, and process piping. The...
January 28, 2015
Welding equipment catalog updated
Lincoln Electric’s 2015 equipment catalog details its GMAW, GTAW, and multiprocess welding equipment, as well as plasma cutting systems, welding...
January 22, 2015
Lincoln Electric names president of global automation
The Lincoln Electric Co., Cleveland, a subsidiary of Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc., has promoted Steven B. Hedlund to senior vice president and...
January 21, 2015
1+1+1+1 = Clarity
Selecting a helmet involves more than just pulling one off of a shelf, putting it on, and getting to work. A number of considerations come into play during the selection process — personal safety, wearer comfort, and optical clarity. The latter has moved from something hard to determine without guesswork to something that has true quantifiable benchmarks with the advent of the European Standard EN 379 1/1/1/1.
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