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Punch presses, laser cutting systems, hydraulic press brakes, guillotine shears, press brake tooling, CAD/CAM software

LVD Strippit manufactures CNC turret punch presses; a broad range of laser cutting systems; servo-controlled hydraulic press brakes; guillotine shears; flexible fabricating systems; press brake tooling and CAD/CAM programming software, as well as automatic material handling systems, automatic storage and retrieval devices. LVD Strippit also provides complete training, service and support. As a leading manufacturer of metalforming equipment, LVD Strippit is the one source for all your fabricating equipment needs.

LVD Strippit PX-Series: Punch, Bend, Form & Tap

Punch, bend, form and tap all on a single machine with the Strippit PX punch press. The single-head design offers the versatility of 20 indexable tool stations able to hold any size tool up to a diameter of 3.54”. The Strippit PX efficiently handles complex, three-dimensional parts, bends parts up to 3.54” in length and up to 3” tall. Material handling options available. Learn more.

New LVD Strippit Axel 4020 Laser Cutting System with Automatic Load/Unload

LVD Strippit's Axel 4020 laser cutting system is now enhanced with optional load/unload system, providing continuous, uninterrupted processing of sheets up to 157" x 78". A modular design provides maximum efficiency with minimum floor space requirement. The load/unload unit handles sheets up to 2204 lbs. and is fully integrated and programmable. The system is operated through a single touch-screen CNC control.

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