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Consultant firm for Welded Tube, Cold Roll Forming and stamping industries. Design and build equipment for specialty Welded Tube / Roll Forming processes. Products: Scrap Chopping / sorting systems. Optical, non-contact, inspection systems for dimensional, camber or twist detection. Spiral tube mills. Services: Tube Mill / Roll Form machine alignment, installation, start-up and operator training. Process audits for improved profitability. Visit our web site for more details and free technical article downloads.

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July 11, 2006
How do you measure success?
Contrary to common opinion, a high production rate is not the key to success in making tube. Attempting to low-ball the price — while cutting corners in maintenance and upgrades -- is a poor strategy in this industry. Columnist Bud Graham provides four production scenarios that compare various rates of capacity utilization and line speed and how these affect profitability.
April 11, 2006
Eliminating problems that cause flaws
Problematic material? Yes, bad coil is out there. It could be mislabeled; the yield strength could vary from one part of the coil to another; it might have damaged edges; and so on. In the second part of this two-part series, columnist Bud Graham discusses steel coil, how its characteristics can vary, and how these variations can result in substandard tube.
October 11, 2005
Scarfing tube and pipe—cut to the quick
Weld bead scarfing (cutting, removing, and disposing) exposes mill operators to numerous hazards, including cuts and burns from the scarf. Part I of this article discusses the reasons scarf is removed from tube and the mill parameters that affect the scarf removal process. Part II discusses a variety of manual and automated removal and disposal methods. Part III discusses strategies for improving ID weld bead removal and disposal.
December 11, 2003
Pulling taffy and producing tube
Do you remember going to the county fair and watching candy makers make taffy? As a child I often would watch the whirling motion of the taffy pull...
October 23, 2003
Plotting for success
The butler slipped through the pantry area with the warm milk and, after adding some arsenic, served the beverage to his master. The butler had been gradually increasing the amount of arsenic over many months, so the change in the milk's taste wasn't noticeable. Soon the mistress and her nefarious servant would be rid of the one thing stopping their affair.
September 25, 2003
Hydraulic presses make their mark
Just like hydraulics technology itself, the market for presses based on it is fluid and dynamic. And for the first time in a while, the tide may be...
August 28, 2003
Measuring tube as it grows and shrinks
We always have some confusion at our house concerning desserts. My wife claims that I like only two kinds of pie: hot and cold. Well, she is mostly...
June 26, 2003
The little-known life of the scarfing tool
Who cares about scarfing tools? There are more important things in life. When the beauty pageant contestant is asked what problem she would like to solve, she's more likely to answer "I'd like to establish world peace" than "I wish I could find ways to help scarfing tools last longer."
May 15, 2003
Solving the mysteries of the fin pass—Part 2

Editor's Note: This article is the second part of a two-part series about fin passes. Part I discusses their location, what they do, and how they do it. Part II focuses on troubleshooting.

April 10, 2003
Solving the mysteries of the fin pass—Part 1
The fin pass was not the first time your father gave you five bucks for your allowance. The fin passes are those forming passes that immediately follow the breakdown or initial forming stages on a tube mill. Their role is paramount in the successful final presentation of the formed tubular section to the welding process.


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