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Press Brake Productivity with Precision Tooling Systems

Wila strives to improve press brake productivity by focusing on everything between the ram and the bed of the machine. Hydraulic Clamping Systems with precision Quick-Change Tooling featuring Wila's patented Safety-Click button reduces tooling set-up time by an average of five times over conventional tooling. Wila Crowning systems feature the patented "Wila Wave" technology for compensating press brake deflection and eliminate die shimming. All major tooling styles: Wila New Standard, American, and European are available for every brand and size press brake.

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April 13, 2015
Die clamping system maintains absolute press brake die alignment
Wila USA has introduced the new V-Lock® die clamping system. A self-seating groove has been added to the tang of all New Standard®, American, and...
February 11, 2014
LED lights in hydraulic clamping system show press brake operator where to position tooling
Wila® USA has introduced the Smart Tool Locator, offered as an option on the company’s New Standard Premium Clamping System for press brakes....
June 10, 2013
Heavy-duty line assists press brake plate bending
Wila® USA has introduced the HD heavy-duty product line to help maximize press brake productivity when bending plate from 0.3125 to 1 in....
December 12, 2011
Retrofit and ready for better bending
Kysor/Warren, Columbus, Ga., cutomizes the refrigerated display cases and refrigeration systems for its customers. Unfortunately, it didn't have a very efficient bending operation to keep up with the production demands related to its diverse product line. To remedy the situation, the company purchased Wila precision ground tooling and installed hydraulic clamping systems on its press brakes.
July 7, 2010
Press brake tooling designed for American-style press brakes
Wila offers a new line of American Vintage precision press brake tooling for American-style press brakes. The tooling is manufactured in traditional...
June 4, 2010
New press brake, new production philosophy
A new press brake and tooling purchase leads to a new way of thinking about manufacturing, including the reduction of batch sizes and work-in-process.
August 17, 2009
Doblado de metal de alta resistencia a la tensión
Los requeriemientos de herramental, tonelaje de la prensa y dirección del grano son sólo tres de las variables que tienen que considerarse cuando se trabaja con acerco de alta resistencia. Los fabricantes necesitan tener en mente estas tres variables, pues los fabricantes de autos y otras compañías de las industria del trasporte les están pidiendo con más frecuencia que trabajen con este materiel.
May 28, 2009
Tooling up to bend hard
Different high-tensile-strength metals bend—and spring back—in starkly different ways, so developing a bending strategy takes some serious planning.
January 13, 2009
EuroBLECH 2008: A celebration of metal fabricating and forming
EuroBLECH is a celebration more than anything. Most of the booths have plenty of tables and, usually, a bar for customers, distributors, business partners, and friends to swing by, chat, have a drink, and talk about life both in and out of the industry. In fact, unlike shows in North America, a visitor will find materials suppliers—the folks that make the metal sheet, plate, and tube—among the exhibitors. Everyone comes together for this global event.
October 9, 2007
Doblando los nuevos tipos de acero de alta resistencia
Han surgido varios tipos nuevos de acero de alta resistencia que traen consigo una gran cantidad de nuevas oportunidades. Sin embargo, estos nuevos tipos también traen consigo retos especiales que no son comunes en el doblez de acero suave, y con éstos, surge la necesidad de nuevas herramientas y nuevas reglas para un doblado adecuado. Foto cortesía de Wila USA.
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