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April 8, 2015
Wolf Robotics hosts Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper
Gov. John Hickenlooper toured Wolf Robotics, Fort Collins, Colo., on March 19, 2015. He was accompanied by Fort Collins Mayor Karen Weitkunat, City...
February 9, 2015
Wolf Robotics joins collaboration to advance computer-aided robotics for welding
Wolf Robotics LLC, Fort Collins, Colo., has announced its participation in a collaboration of industry leaders working with the National Shipbuilding...
July 30, 2013
Wolf Robotics announces passing of Michael Stoops, North Central regional manager
Wolf Robotics has announced that Michael Eugene Stoops, North Central regional manager, died July 21 in Ames, Iowa. He traveled the Midwest to...
April 9, 2013
Wolf Robotics establishes new website
Wolf Robotics has announced the launch of a new website at www.wolfrobotics.com. New features of the redesigned website include iPad®, tablet, and...
June 4, 2010
Robotic advancements in welding tube, pipe
Robotics gained a foothold in industry because they can work in environments that are hot, toxic, or otherwise dangerous. The drawback was the programming, which initially was tedious and time-consuming, especially for precision tasks such as welding. Advancements in tactile sensing systems, automated arc welding controls, and software for tube and pipe welding have helped to spread robotic welding technology.
May 17, 2010
Robotic welding positioner available in load capacities of 1,102 and 1,653 lbs. per side
A heavy-duty, three-axis welding positioner configuration is available from Wolf Robotics in load capacities of 1,102 and 1,653 lbs. per side. The...
March 23, 2010
Robotic welding cell control features slim design, touchscreen operation
Wolf Robotics has introduced a robotic welding cell control that features a slim design with touchscreen operation. Numerous control screens are used...
September 9, 2009
Wolf Robotics personnel receive CRAW-T training, certification
Wolf Robotics employees Patrick Cross, Franklin Jones, Drew Akey, Aaron Bailey, Dan Gipson, Joshua Cirbo, and Jeff Gauger recently became qualified...
April 14, 2009
Wolf Robotics hires new Southeast regional manager
Wolf Robotics, Fort Collins, Colo., a provider of robotic metalworking equipment, technology, manufacturing, and servicing, recently appointed...
January 13, 2009
Wolf Robotics personnel receive CWI certification
Wolf Robotics, Fort Collins, Colo., has announced that several of its employees have passed the qualifications and testing required to be considered...


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