Ventilation System Buyers' Guide

Model or Series Ambient
Source Capture Application Filter System Nominal CFM
Air Cleaner Dust Collector Exhaust Fan Fume Arm Dust Collector Booth Air Cleaner Portable Exhaust Downdraft Table Fume Scrubber Welding Smoke Metalworking Dust Process Dust Powders Fumes Self cleaning Disposable Wet Dust Collector Carbon Filter 1 1000 1001 2000 2001 5000 5000+

Air Specialists of Virginia Inc.  Richmond, VA


Air Systems Intl.  Chesapeake, VA

Fume-Air™ 230 Fume Extractor
Fume-Air™ 750 Fume Extractor

Airflow Systems Inc.  Dallas, TX

PCH-1 Portable Dust Collection & Filtration
E-Z Arm© High-Flow Extractor Arm
DC Series Dust Collection & Filtration
MP Series Mist Collection & Filtration
F Series Air Cleaning Systems
DT and AL Series Downdraft Tables
Dust Control Booth & Panel Filter PowerBooth©
Paint & Fume Booth
V Series High-Vacuum Collection & Filtration
DCH Series Portable Central Collection Systems
DCH Series Portable Central Collection Systems

Andersen Industries  Adelanto, CA

  WP360 CA-WELDPRO 360

Avani Environmental  Youngsville, NC

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BISCO Enterprise, Inc.  Schaumburg, IL

View Details LLC  Houston, TX

BA Series
STA Series

Camfil Air Pollution Control  Jonesboro, AR

 Farr Gold Series

Clean Air America, Inc.  Rome, GA

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Diversi-Tech Inc.  Montreal, QC Canada

FRED Mini-Vac Compact Weld Fume Extractor
FRED JR Portable Fume Extractor
FRED 01 Self-Cleaning Fume Extractor
FRED ECO Wall Mounted Fume Capture System
Fume Tracker™ Self-Positioning Fume Extraction Arm
Mini DD Portable Downdraft Table
DD 2x4 Self-Cleaning Downdraft Table
Wet Downdraft Tables
Wet Dust Collectors
Green Filter Cleaning Machine

Donaldson Torit / Donaldson Co. Inc.  Minneapolis, MN

Downflo Evolution (DFE)
Downflo Workstation (DWS)
Downdraft Bench (DB)
Easy Trunk Portable
T-2000 2-Arm (Ceiling Mount)
PowerCore TG

HERCO LLC  Rochester Hills, MI


Hastings Air-Energy Control Inc.  New Berlin, WI

Flowtron by Filter-1
PowerBooth by Airflow Systems
PCH-2 by Airflow Systems
M30 by Air-King
DT-3000v2 by Airflow Systems
E-Z Arm by Airflow Systems
Hydrotron HWF by Filter-1
Hydrotron DHYD by Filter-1
AT and AC Series by Amtech
F-240 by Airflow Systems

Imperial Systems, Inc.  Mercer, PA

Design & Installation Services
CMAXX Dust & Fume Cartridge Collector
CMAXX Laser & Plasma Table Dust Collector

Kemper America Inc.  Alpharetta, GA

Filter-Master XL Self Cleaning PTFE Filtration
Mechanical Filter
Cartridge Filter Self Cleaning PTFE Filtration
High Vac 4 Port Self Cleaning Extraction Unit
Kemper 8000 PTFE Self Cleaning Central Unit
Kemper 9000 PTFE Self Cleaning Central Unit
KemJet Indoor Air Extraction

Kice Industries Inc.  Wichita, KS

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Lincoln Electric Co., The  Cleveland, OH

The Circulator
DownFlex 200-M Table
DownFlex 400-MS/A
DownFlex 100-NF
Miniflex Portable
Mobiflex 200-M (Base Unit - K1653-2 or -3)
Mobiflex 400-MS (Base Unit - K1741-1 or -2)
X-Tractor 1GC Portable (K652-1)
DownFlex 200-M
X-Tractor 3A, 5A, 8A
Mobiflex 100-NF
Statiflex 200-M
Statiflex 400-MS

Martech Services Co.  Mazeppa, MN


Micro Air  Wichita, KS

 Force - FRP Dust Collector with Roto-Pulse Filter Cleaning System
 Extreme Air Downdraft Tables (XA)
HYDROMAX Wet Dust Collector 
HYDROMAX Wet Downdraft Table (WCDDT) 
RP Self Cleaning Dust Collector with Roto-Pulse Cleaning System
Taskmaster Portable Fume Extractor (TM1000, TM500) 
 Clean Air Booth (CAB)
SCA Source Capture Arms and Boom Arms 
 MISTMAX Mist Collector (MM)
Intelli-Touch Energy Savings Controls System 

Midwest Automation LLC  Minneapolis, MN

 Niagara DC 500 Wet Dust Collector
 Niagara DC 1200-5500SS Wet Dust Collectors

Plymoth USA  Cincinnati, Ohio


ProVent LLC  Harbor Springs, MI


RoboVent  Sterling Heights, MI

Robovent DFM FlexMount/Versaline Series
Robovent DFS FloorSaver Series
Robovent DWS WeldPro Series
Robovent CrossFlow Table
WeldVent Portable Series
Push-Pull Ambient Systems
Vortex Ambient Systems
Robovent Custom Exhaust Systems
Replacement Filters

United Air Specialists Inc.  Cincinnati, OH

SFC Downward Flow Cartridge Dust Collector
W Series Weld Fume Extractor
XA Source Extraction Arm
MCB Cross Ventilation Cartridge Dust Collector
SCA/SCB Ceiling-Mount Cartridge Dust Collector
SDB Downdraft Bench Dust Collector
V Series Cartridge Dust Collector
Smog-Hog (R) SHN/SG Electrostatic Mist Collector
C Series Cyclone Dust Collector
Smog-Hog (R) MSH Compact Mist Collector

United Air Specialists | CLARCOR Industrial Air  Overland Park, KS

SFC Downward Flow
W Series
MCB Cross Ventilation
SCA/SCB Ceiling-Mount
V Series
Smog-Hog(R) SHN/SG
C Series Cyclone
Smog-Hog(R) MSH

Vent-A-Kiln Corp.  Buffalo, NY

FE-500 Fume Extractor
FE-800 Fume Extractor
FE-1200 Fume Extractor
PFE-750 Portable Fume Extractor